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Sterile Touch-UVC Handrail Sterilization-From ES

Component Modernization (Rebuild) Capability-(Step / Pallet)

*  Your escalators are running for over 20 years, 30 years or more;
*  Their step, pallet and other parts are stopped production for many years.
*  The escalator brand doesn’t exist now?
*  Original Supplier shut down already?
*  Difficulties to find out original parts?
*  Or the parts cost you a lot of and affect your big tender’s success rate?
*  We have Solution for you.
*  We already solve this problem.
*  We are able to rebuild the mold for the steps and pallets for your MOD needs.
*  Our MOD engineers have experience in step and pallet development and manufacture for more than 14 year.
Component Modernization (Rebuild) Capability-- (Step / Pallet) * Yourescalatorsarerunningforover20years,30yearsormore; * Theirstep,palletandotherpartsarestoppedproductionformanyyears. * Theescalatorbranddoesntexistnow? * OriginalSuppliershu Use For CNIM