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Explore the development and innovation of elevator technology in 2018

Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of science and technology, China's high-rise buildings have mushroomed. As the main means of transportation on high-rise buildings, elevators have a very important significance to study the future elevator technology and ensure the safe operation of elevators. . This paper discusses the application of elevator technology and studies its future development and innovation.
0, preface
Elevators are not only a means of transportation, but also an important symbol of the development of human civilization. From the birth of the first electric-powered elevator in 1899 to the present, elevators have spread all over the world and become an indispensable means of transportation for people. With the rapid development of the elevator industry, elevator application technology is also increasing with each passing day. So what is the future development trend of elevator technology? Is it faster or higher, can be applied to the underwater world or can be on the moon, maybe everything is possible, and environmental protection, energy saving, information network and other technologies The wide application in elevators is the focus of current elevator technology.
1. Green technology
With the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, green technology has been more and more widely used in various fields. The use of green technology can effectively reduce environmental pollution and ecological damage in industrial production and ensure the sustainable development of social economy.
In modern elevator technology, the green technology should be used to optimize the design of the elevator, reduce the energy consumption and pollution of the elevator, try to ensure that the elevator has no hoistway rail oil pollution, no electromagnetic interference, no water leakage, no oil leakage, no noise. In the traction system of the elevator, a traction system such as a rigid belt or a nylon synthetic fiber traction rope can be used to avoid the pollution caused by the lubricating oil. The elevator is decorated with non-polluting green materials. When the elevator is fully loaded down or idling up, the motor regenerative power generation recovery technology can be used. There is no need to install scaffolding when installing the elevator. When manufacturing and using elevator parts, you should also use green technology to reduce the impact on the environment, and pay attention to the use of green recyclable materials.
2, low energy technology
(1) Elevator drive system energy saving
The permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine can be used for elevator driving. The traction machine uses permanent magnets to achieve work without additional excitation current, so the power factor of the motor can be greatly improved. During operation, no current flows through the rotor of the permanent magnet synchronous machine, so no rotor losses are generated. At the same time, the energy consumption is greatly reduced because the worm gear drive is omitted.
(2) Software control energy saving
The software can be used to establish an implementation control mode that uses the least number of runs to carry the most passengers and reduces the number of elevator stops. The floor entrance passenger registration scheme can be reformed for summoning and car command integration, so that the target floor of the passenger to be stepped can be detected in advance, thereby improving the efficiency of the control system.
Villa elevator
(3) Variable parameter setting of elevator acceleration and deceleration mode
In the elevator control system, the operating speed, acceleration, and acceleration rate of the elevator should be changed according to the elevator running distance and the elevator car load, so as to calculate the optimal running curve under different floors and different loads. The best energy saving effect.
3. Intelligent technology
With the development of advanced technologies such as automatic control technology, communication technology, computer technology, and electronic technology, modern elevator technology is also developing in the direction of intelligence. In smart buildings, intelligent elevators are networked with automation systems in the building, such as security monitoring systems, fire protection systems, building control systems, and so on. Use these systems to improve the safety, comfort and efficiency of the elevator.
In the intelligent control system of the elevator, a serial communication system with large transmission information and simple wiring is widely used. The system eliminates a large number of input and output circuits on the computer interface board, and also greatly reduces the number of wiring in the machine room and the hoistway, greatly improving the safety and reliability of the elevator. At present, with the continuous improvement of the intelligent degree of intelligent buildings and intelligent elevators, fieldbus technology has also been widely used in the automation system of intelligent elevator control system, automatic fire alarm system and safety protection system.
4, remote monitoring technology
In a conventional elevator, it is often the case that an elevator failure causes a passenger to be trapped. Later, although the monitoring system and communication system were installed in the elevator, the trapped passengers could only get in touch with the security of the building. The security personnel also need to notify the maintenance personnel to come and solve it, which is very inconvenient. The remote monitoring system in modern elevator technology is more advanced. It combines functions such as micro-processing, fault diagnosis and communication. It can transmit elevator fault information to the remote service center through the local telephone line, so that maintenance personnel can handle and repair in time.
For example, if the elevator fails and the passenger is trapped, the elevator remote service center can find the elevator trapped position according to the remote monitoring, and open the elevator car door and the floor door by remote control, so that the trapped passenger can leave the elevator as soon as possible. If the remote monitoring system is installed on the escalator, the monitoring center can perform quick emergency stop operations when necessary according to the running status and real-time information of the elevator to avoid accidents.
Elevator corridor
5, Bluetooth technology
(1) Elevator installation
When installing the elevator, it is the most difficult, time-consuming and laborious, and error-prone work. The application of Bluetooth technology can greatly shorten the installation time of the elevator and save installation costs. On the other hand, it can enable customers to reduce the cost of installing elevators, and at the same time shorten the cycle of customers from ordering elevators to using elevators, and increasing the customer's cash turnover rate.
(2) Improve the overall performance of the elevator
The use of Bluetooth technology in modern elevators will inevitably increase the number of the latest and fastest microcomputers in the elevator control system. In this way, the overall performance of the elevator will be greatly improved, and the safety and reliability of the elevator will be enhanced, the accuracy of the elevator control will be improved, and the probability of failure of the elevator will be reduced. The elevator can be more stable and comfortable during the operation, and the positioning accuracy of the leveling layer is higher, which brings a better riding experience to the passengers. In addition, after the Bluetooth technology is used in the modern elevator, real-time detection and network inspection of the elevator running state can be realized through the Bluetooth network connection, thereby more comprehensively and systematically repairing the elevator in advance, which greatly reduces the elevator failure rate. Improve the overall performance of the elevator.
(3) Old elevator renovation
It takes a lot of time and money to carry out the transformation and replacement after the elevator reaches the service life. Therefore, the elevator users are often reluctant to actively replace the elevator, which causes the elevator to have safety hazards. After the use of Bluetooth technology, it will make the old elevator transformation easier, shorten the elevator renovation time, and also save a lot of replacement costs, and always generate a lot of social and economic benefits.
(4) Solving compatibility problems
In the intelligent building, the intelligent elevator control system may be incompatible with other control systems, affecting the normal use of the elevator. After utilizing the Bluetooth technology, it can effectively solve the compatibility problem, and integrate the intelligent elevator, the escalator, and the control system of other intelligent devices in the intelligent building to ensure the normal operation of the elevator.
6, Internet security technology
Under the momentum of the Internet, the development of the Internet of Things in the elevator industry has become an irresistible historical trend. At present, elevators are advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, first-class automated production lines, data communication technology, ERP, MES, and the real promotion and development of the Internet of Things in the elevator industry, because its advanced performance brings higher standards to the enterprise and more. Good economic benefits. The elevator creatively moves to the Internet of Things, placing the production process under a real-time, transparent regulatory system to make production more accurate and efficient, and fully guarantee product performance and production cycle. The cycle of the elevator is reduced, creating room for higher performance. In this era of modern products and services, the precision and higher performance of the production can bring great competitiveness to the elevator.
In the special manufacturing industry of elevators, safety matters a lot. The development of big data and Internet of Things has brought better solutions to problems such as pre-warning of elevator failures, emergency automatic alarms, and prevention of secondary malignant accidents. Some elevator industries are reshaping new forms of information technology such as elevator Internet of Things, cloud computing, social computing, big data, etc., which is the "Internet" of the elevator industry. With the development of these new technologies, it is better to solve elevators. The industry has never forgotten security issues.
7. Conclusion
In summary, it is only a few aspects of elevator technology application, and it can not reflect the whole picture of elevator development. This paper aims to discuss the endless development of science and technology, the relevance of technology in all walks of life, that is, any product technology is not isolated. Only the moment of innovation, exchange and grasp the market development trend of new social knowledge, new technology, new materials, and organic integration with application products will have better new technology.