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Case Study

● The classification and technical parameters of the elevator

1. The classification of the lift,According to the main parameters of the lift and capsules, shaft, room type and size of regulation, the elevator type classification is as follows;2. The main parameters of the lift;3. The basic structure of...【Read More】

● Elevator safety hidden danger solution

1 Use a regular manufacturer's elevator;2 do a good job of pre-acceptance work;3 Improve the use of unit safety management awareness;4 Strengthen the routine maintenance of elevators...【Read More】

● Elevator's existing security risk factors

1 Security risks in elevator installation;2 safety factors in elevator operation;3 Safety Hidden Factors in the Use of Elevators...【Read More】


1 Introduction 1.1 In respect of lifts and escalators, there are certain requirements for the preparation and provision of O&M manuals for the reference of owners, and installation and maintenance personnel. 1.2 These Guidelines following ...【Read More】

● Escalator Components

1.Top and bottom landing platforms 2.The truss 3.The tracks 4.The steps 5.The railing...【Read More】

● Modern Escalator

The world is in constant motion. Every day sees a growing flow of active people winding their way through urban landscapes. This flow creates high demands in a fast-paced environment, and Escalators and moving walks convert chaos into simple...【Read More】

● Powder coating inspection standard

This standard is to provide guidelines for the inspection of powder coating film....【Read More】

● How to adjust escalator cascade chain

Cascade Sprocket can not be a single replacement, the need to replace the entire chain, and because the chain needs to match, so the replacement, need to change the chain on both sides....【Read More】

● How Escalators Work

Escalators are one of the largest, most expensive machines people use on a regular basis, but they're also one of the simplest. At its most basic level, an escalator is just a simple variation on the conveyer belt. A pair of rotating chain ...【Read More】

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